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The strategic placement of a sign is very important

Color, height, distance from the street, environmental considerations are all factors when conceiving your sign.

If you have a design or logo we can work directly from your files.

If you logo needs an update we can help as well. Visit our ad agency


If you would like a quote please give us a call, 207-363-1862

We can create a sign that maximizes the impact of your existing artwork.

If you have your own design we will be happy to produce a sign for you. If you like, we can offer suggestions to maxamize the impact a sign will offer.

We also may make suggestions based on the placement of the sign. For example, will it be placed next to a door, over a door? Will the sign be illuminated for night visibility? What is the wall color. What is the speed of the oncoming traffic.

Answers to questions like these will provide us insights on how provide you with a sign that will have maximum impact and target a specific market you are persuing.

We understand how important your logo is and will work to insure that it is presented to its utmost potential.